Brooklyn beginnings to Olympic medals.


Lia Neal, who is the daughter of a Chinese-American mother and African-American father, is the first woman of Black descent to swim an Olympic final for the United States as she helped win a Bronze for the team's 4x100 freestyle swim in 2012. She also won a Silver medal as part of the US 2016 team.

Her journey and training started in Brooklyn, NY with routine hour-long trips with her mom to and from Asphalt Greene, one of the few Olympic-sized pool in New York City.

Now, as a graduate of Stanford University and the school's 2016-2017 team  captain that led her team to a NCAA swimming Championship, the 24-year-old pro is excited to continue as a role model for children interested in health, sports, swimming and beating the odds. 

Lia understands the challenges kids will face to achieve their dreams, but believes her story of resilience can inspire others.